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The Pandemic Brain Workshop | Leslie Williamson

Understanding Your Pandemic Brain

This workshop series will give you some insights into your emotions and behaviours. We will discuss current research on how prolonged stress and fear has rewired our “Pandemic Brain,” affecting our memory, ability to focus, emotional health, and sleep. We will look at the losses we have experienced, both in the “Before Times” and now — leading to a better understanding of the hidden pandemic of loss and how it affects our wellbeing. In the third session, we examine how this unprecedented global crisis can trigger unresolved grief or trauma, and introduce tools for self-compassion. The final session provides strategies and tools for building resilience — turning hard times into easier ones.

Healing Empowerment Harmony

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Intro to NVC | close up of jackal overlaid with giraffe

Intro to NVC

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Working Through Loss & Grief

Understanding Shame

Nurturing Lateral Kindness

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Conflict Resolution with NVC

Indigenous elder wearing Residential School Survivor tee shirt

Healing from Residential School Trauma


Nonviolent Communication

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Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is both a philosophy and a system of communication that empowers individuals to achieve greater empathy for others by developing a sense of one’s own needs and feelings.

How NVC Can Help

NVC can be used to resolve conflicts and create win-win solutions. It can be used in all relationships—in the workplace and with family and friends. Nonviolent communication techniques can enhance our sense of security, allowing others to be heard, which opens up communication and creates understanding. When we apply NVC principles, we are able to take control of our life and maintain integrity consistent with our deepest values.

Leslie Williamson

In this 10-minute interview, Certified NVC Trainer Leslie Williamson gives an overview of Nonviolent Communication Training.

Latest Podcast

In this premiere episode, Leslie Williamson introduces why NVC is called The Language of the Heart, and how we can learn to speak and experience more peace.

from past participants

What to expect

“I have learned that Evaluation is judging a situation. It is when our attention is focused on classifying, analyzing and determining levels of wrongness rather than on what we need and what others are needing and not getting. “

“Learning the NVC way is to communicate with honest expression and empathic listening when observing a situation. It teaches the ability to clearly request that which would enrich my life, without demands.”

-Sheila Kimbasket, Splatsin, Enderby, BC



Working Through Loss And Grief

Working Through Loss And Grief

Exploring loss and the journey of grieving is an act of courage and self love. The pathway to peace and a return of daily joy can be long, but when we are willing to accept support in processing loss, grief can be transformed to a happier place.

This workshop will give individuals an opportunity to work through some of their pain from the losses they have experiences throughout their life. The goal of this workshop is to create and sustain an environment that is comfortable and safe for all participants to process thoughts and feelings.

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Understanding Lateral Violence

Understanding Lateral Violence

This workshop will focus on the signs of ‘Lateral Violence.’ We will take a look at what that term means, the techniques used to hold it in place, information used to justify lateral violence, and how it can be shifted or stopped in organizations, the community, and on a personal level. We will explore historical events beginning at colonization that have created or contributed to pain that continues to express itself in tragic and harmful ways.

The goal is to bring a clearer understanding to the term ‘Lateral Violence,’ so participants can have an opportunity to see if they in any way contribute to the harmful ways people treat one another. When understanding is gained, then action can be taken to begin to stop the pain and the cyclic, habitual ways in which individuals harm one another.

Lateral Violence is not always intentional. The important thing is to understand more clearly what is going on and why, so that we can begin to manage our power in more life-serving ways, so that more joyful, loving expression/communication is shared in the work place, our homes and in the general community.

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Understanding And Healing Shame

Understanding And Healing Shame

We all have some awareness of the pain of “losing face.” Speaking shame requires us to develop names and terms to describe some of the most painful and abstract concepts that we as humans have to confront.

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Understanding The Soul

Understanding The Soul

MY SOUL WAS IN THERE SOMEWHERE. I KEPT LOOKING OUTSIDE MYSELF TO FIND IT. As a child, I lived in fear of being disciplined by my parents. Today we would call that discipline violent, but back then it seemed to be the expected and accepted way to teach a child right...

Showing Up

Showing Up

I recently spoke at a luncheon attended mainly by the elderly. I decided to speak about our soul’s journey while here on this physical plane. As we segue into our Elder years, the question becomes: What is an Elder? Is there a difference between being older and being...

Becoming An Elder

Becoming An Elder

I recently spoke at a luncheon attended mainly by the elderly. I decided to speak about our soul’s journey while here on this physical plane. As we segue into our Elder years, the question becomes: What is an Elder? Is there a difference between being older and being...

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