A Change of Heart

boy with hand over heart

When choices are based in the vibration of Love, they are value actions that have the possibility to ensure balance, poise and constructive effort.

Today, have a conscious change of heart with the use of engaging the mind in minding the mind with thoughts that channel the energy of love. One can focus on thoughts that generate non-life serving feelings and actions, or one can—in each moment—take a breath and decide to choose thoughts that control the process of transmutation . . . from shadow and darkness, to positive constructive emotion. Having a change of heart takes willpower. It can seem challenging to change our thoughts when we have become engrained in a way of thinking that does not attract the experiences that allow joy and peace as a daily experience. It takes conscious mindfulness to mind the mind, which in turn allows the heart to experience emotions that dominate and discourage the presence of all destructive feelings.

I often remind people that one’s mind is a private domain and the one in charge of our mind is each one of us. No one can speak through our mind other than ourselves, and many of us allow the words from a past experience or the image of a past trauma to be played over and over. We continue to harm the self through this focus on old messages and images of past experiences that we remember as painful. With self-discipline the powerful mind can be channelled in such a way that we have a change of heart.

Love is a Universal vibration that rules over all. Love can be channelled as often and consistently as one wishes or it can be ignored and the focus can be on all the pain and tragic expressions of anger and unmet needs that happen in everyday life. It is normal to feel anger what matters is how consciously one chooses to respond to any negative emotion. Emotion—a feeling in motion—is activated by the mind; life-serving choices can emerge or destructive actions can be expressed. Justification and excuses are used to make sense of the way one responds to the challenges in life. But those excuses serve us not; we hold the Self prisoner with this way of thinking. Deciding to have a change of heart at a deep core level can make all the difference in one’s world.


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