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“I work with an Employment Service Agency that focuses on supporting people with Lived Experience in Homelessness and or Addictions.

We hire Leslie to teach Nonviolent Communications Training to our very diverse group. Leslie is highly experienced in working with people from many walks of life – people who face the world everyday while dealing with mental health issues, trauma, addictions and more. Leslie is able to manage the room with grace and kindness.

Our people complete this training with gratitude for learning the following: stronger communication tools, an understanding of how communication can have its best chance to get your needs met when you have the words to express your needs, and to experience empathy for themselves and others. This list is incomplete but NVC is life changing if you are open to learning and Leslie creates an environment that is safe, easy to learn in and inspiring.

We hear things from our participants like:

‘Please bring the NVC training back – we want to learn more.’

‘I never thought this training would be anything like this it has helped me so much.’

‘The best part of the three months of training was when we did the NVC.’

‘If I had this training sooner maybe I wouldn’t have ended up in jail.’

‘This training has changed my life.’

Due to the feedback from the participants and the obvious impact of the NVC training, Leslie teaching NVC has become a core part of our three month pre-employment program. Leslie is a highly skilled facilitator whom I highly recommend.”

-Jayne Taylor

About Leslie Williamson

Trainer, Coach, Facilitator, Keynote Speaker

Leslie Williamson has been teaching Nonviolent Communication Skills for the past decade. She began her career in the counselling field more that a quarter century ago, and her passion for helping others overcome the obstacles in their life led to her work as a respected trainer, coach, facilitator and keynote speaker.

Leslie’s life vision is to truly be a person who lives a life of peace. She is joyful when her example inspires others.

Leslie creates a safe environment for individuals to open their minds and hearts, to hear how they might heal themselves, to expand their minds and to walk with more peace in their hearts.



Counsellor Training Institute in Vancouver, Vancouver Community College, Round Lake Treatment Centre (training in the addiction field), Justice Institute in Vancouver, the Nonviolent Communication Organiza­tion, and Heart Inspired Presentations—the only train­ing organization that has been licensed and approved by Louise Hay to provide training in her Heal Your Life® work.


Professional Development & Personal Growth

Leslie has travelled all over the world— including Mexico, Ari­zona, California, South Africa, Maui, and Italy— to attend workshops with spiritual authors and speakers, notably Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Cheryl Richardson, Don Miguel Ruiz (Toltec Shaman), Ainslie McLeod, Ester Hicks, Carolyn Myss, Marshall Rosen­berg, Louise Hay, Patricia Crane and Rick Nichols.

Leslie has received—and continues to receive—training from both contemporary institu­tions and Indigenous teachers. She has become a bridge for this knowledge with the people she serves in Aboriginal communities. Some of her most powerful teachers have been Aboriginal participants of her workshops; these beautiful souls have shared the richness and diversity of their cultural heritage and demonstrated the meaning of courage and resilience.

Leslie has been fortunate to work as a trainer in native organizations across Canada—from Vancouver in the west, to Inuvik in the north, to Kuujjuaq in northern Quebec, and many remote com­munities in between. Leslie is often invited to return to the organizations in which she has worked. Her passion, rapport and the tools she offers for personal empowerment leave participants inspired to walk their path with more joy.

Leslie is available and pleased to come to your commu­nity to present workshops on request. Please contact her to discuss your needs. Requests for references are welcomed.

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I'd love to chat with you about how NVC Training can best meet your needs. I am always looking for ways to touch more lives...creating custom trainings, developing online courses, visiting remote communities, supporting NVC practice around the world. What's alive for you? I'll put the coffee on . . .


Leslie Williamson