Becoming An Elder

I recently spoke at a luncheon attended mainly by the elderly. I decided to speak about our soul’s journey while here on this physical plane. As we segue into our Elder years, the question becomes: What is an Elder? Is there a difference between being older and being an Elder? I think we ourselves are best equipped to answer that for ourselves. We know ourselves best; we know our life’s journey and all that we have harvested from the events of our life.

As we turn our attention more to the full measure of our interior life our inner work becomes more rigorous, more focused, more consuming. Who are we now? What are our possibilities when we are unburdened by fear, anger, resentment and illusions? This is now our journey; our life is filled with the Grace of the present moment. Life is filled with new possibilities in every breath. We are designed to release limitations; the time has come to progress more deeply in our soul. Think of shedding the burden of fears that speak to you yet never materialise. Life becomes magic when you focus . . . depending on what you focus on, your experience will be wonderful or more from the dark side of life.

Now we begin to stop scaring ourselves with illusions of fears we burden ourselves with. Now is when we come to understand the value of managing this powerful Mind we have been blessed with and begin to manage our thoughts in ways that support life, that feed our soul and that contribute to our own evolution.

For some maybe they have just begun to pay close attention to what they have gathered from life. I’m not speaking of material items; I speak of the wealth of wisdom that life offers us no matter where we live or who we come from. There is much to harvest and apply to our own life so we may have the experience of joy and peace.


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