Building Community With NVC

Building Community | NVC Training| Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

In this workshop participants discover how different our communication can be when we understand how to recognize and meet needs in a compassionate manner. As we understand how to support self by taking 100 percent responsibility for how we feel, and as we learn how to have our needs met throughout the day, our experience of self and others transforms.

As we are physical beings, it is natural to have needs. Often we use strategies we have used since childhood to have our needs met, despite the reality that those strategies no longer work. Nonviolent Communication skills help to build new patterns of communicating, resulting in more peaceful and rewarding relationships in all areas of our lives.

What You Will Learn

  • Become aware of how you block connection
  • Use the tool of self empathy
  • Use empathy to defuse difficult conversations
  • Recognize the difference between a demand and a request
  • Come to understand how to be 100% responsible for how you feel
  • See the value of changing that inner conversation that takes place constantly in the mind.

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