Compassionate Parenting With Nonviolent Communication

mother hugging young boy | Compassionate Parenting with Nonviolent Communication | photo by Kelli McClintock on Unsplash

If we hope for a more compassionate world, we must learn how to raise compassionate children.

Nonviolent Communication teaches us Conscious Discipline. It comes from the idea that any time we force a person to do something, we create more problems than solutions. As parents, grandparents, or caregivers who truly want to change the world for the better, we can commit to something that is truly “good” at its deepest level.

When children are raised with recognition of and respect for their needs, they grow up respecting themselves and others.

When children grow up hearing and using a language of compassion, they better understand and speak their own needs and the needs of others.

When children grow up hearing and using a language of responsibility, they act responsibly as adults.

It is my belief that children raised in this manner will have a vast reservoir of strength coming from within. People with this kind of inner strength need not look to others for validation or power.

Imagine a future generation of compassionate adults who will truly get their own needs and the needs of others; who deeply understand the relationship between responsibility and power. How does this not lead to peace and prosperity?

This workshop supports parents in navigating their relationship with their children. Parents and caregivers are invited to explore how the Nonviolent Communication process facilitates connection with children, as we experience together the trials and joys of child-rearing in a light, fun filled environment.

Parenting can be one of our most challenging experiences; when our own childhood pain has not been resolved we carry it forward into our adult life. When our children trigger our own pain, we respond in ways that have been downloaded into our subconscious—it is in our programming. Changing our programmed responses takes awareness of our own triggers and a keen interest in turning old behaviours and responses around. In this workshop, we develop this awareness of our unmet needs, and those of our children. Many tools are provided to manage difficult conversations. These conversations begin first in our mind then with our children—resulting in a peaceful, loving connection.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the harm that labeling causes
  • Listen and respond empathetically
  • Hear the pain behind the anger
  • Reduce the violence in domestic settings—or put an end to it
  • Respond to “No!”
  • Work with your child so both your and your child’s needs are met
  • Express and hear anger safely
  • Identify which actions contribute to your child’s sense of alienation and unwillingness to co-operate
  • Facilitate harmony and connection
  • Express requests in a manner that can be heard
  • Support yourself as you support your family

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