Excuses No More

Whan Your Mind Creates Your Reality | Excuses No More workshop

From Limited to Limitless

Many of us have postponed our life by making excuses. We tell others our story about how we can’t make the changes we want to make. We repeat these stories often, which allows us to put off taking charge of our life.

Fear plays a big factor in supporting our excuses. When we let go of these excuses, we make room for transformation.

For some, like is managed through their excuses. It can be hard to admit we use excuses to justify our fears.

What You Will Learn

  • Discover how we make our world smaller with excuses
  • Gain tools for moving forward
  • Unlock stuck thinking and move through fears
  • Gain insight into the origin of our excuses
  • See how excuses develop over the course of a lifetime

”NVC enhances inner communication by helping us translate negative internal messages into feelings and needs. Our ability to distinguish our own feelings and needs and to empathize with them can free us from depression.” —Marshall Rosenberg

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