Hope and Faith

goldfish jumping from small bowl to bigger goldfish bowl

When I look at this image, many thoughts run through my mind. It brings up the topic of fear for me and the many times throughout my life I’ve had fearful or—more like it terrifying—thoughts run through my mind. It is then that I am invited to take a leap of faith. You know the old saying, face the fear and do it anyway.

Hope opens the door and faith walks through it. We can have all the hope in the world for a better life, a different life, but unless we
have enough faith in ourselves to take that leap then nothing happens.

Faith in self is believing we have the courage and strength to do what it takes to accomplish our dreams. It is what fulfills our desire to live with comfort, joy and peace. What that experience looks like can vary greatly from person to person. Over the years, whenever I have thought about something I want to do or an experience I desire to have but don’t think I know how to accomplish it, I choose to have faith and trust that the answer will come and I’ll have the opportunity and the knowledge to do what it takes. I have faith in myself to move forward. So far that choice has worked well for me.

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