Intro to NVC

Intro to NVC | close up of jackal overlaid with giraffe

Basic concepts of Nonviolent Communication will be shared in this workshop. Nonviolent communication is built upon understanding the difference between two paradigms of communication: the “domination paradigm” and the “partnership paradigm.” Attention will be paid to which side of the paradigm you primarily think from. When we can see this difference, we can choose to remain more in partnership with others.

What You Will Learn

  • Develop skills that provide self-support, even in difficult times
  • Express authentically and respectfully
  • Gain clarity of your needs and values
  • Increase the likelihood that you will be heard and understood
  • Understand key thought patterns that lead to disconnection and dysfunction
  • Support yourself as you support others in your life
  • Develop ability to resolve conflict compassionately

People who yell have a need to be heard. Maybe they have never been heard. Everyone has a story, and everyone deserves to be heard and validated in their feelings. Negative feelings stem from an unmet need. And everyone has needs that deserve to be met, for the well-being of that individual. We need to learn how to ask and receive. —First time participant

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Nonviolent Communication




Who Will Benefit

  • Those wishing to strengthen and deepen relationships of all kinds; at work, at home or within their organizations
  • Caregivers and counsellors who would like to support themselves as they provide support for others
  • Parents or teachers desiring to relate harmoniously with children
  • People wanting to work through conflict situations
  • Group leaders wishing to enhance their leadership skills
  • People who would like to facilitate positive social change
  • Anyone, anywhere who values authentic, compassionate connection in life


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