Navigating Separation and Divorce With NVC

Navigating Separation and Divorce using Nonviolent Communication skills | photo of broken paper heart on string by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Opening Doors, Closing Doors

Separation and divorce can lead to liberation and new beginnings. With Nonviolent Communication skills, this process can happen a lot more quickly and without struggle.

Work constructively through past pain and gain tools for personal empowerment and sustained inner peace in this 3-day workshop.

What You Will Learn

  • Explore the 7 stages of separation/divorce
  • Uncover/free up unmet needs and feelings
  • Learn tools for working with needs and feelings
  • A deeper conversation with self when overwhelmed
  • A more positive filter of current experiences
  • Loosen up fear attached to paralyzing “what if” conversations
  • The power of empathy for self and others
  • Remove enemy images carried from past traumas and hurts
  • The power of self-liberation
  • Tools to work more positively with family dynamics
  • Learn how to ease the pain for children of separation/divorce
  • Understand the grieving process natural to separation/divorce

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