The Law of Attraction—Working With Deliberate Creation

Life is Your Creation by My Life Journal on Unsplash

Creating a world that is filled with wealth in every area of our lives is a wonderful idea, but how can it be done?

In this workshop we will learn how to work with the “Power of Deliberate Creation,” through understanding the “Law of Attraction.” The “Power of Deliberate Creation” will show you how to create a winning mindset, let go of the past, and create changes that you want (with ease), so individuals are more consistently moving in a positive direction.

Create new and empowering beliefs, discover what you want, find your path, and attract and recognize the right opportunities. Sometimes old beliefs need to be challenged in order to create a new and more wonderful life.

The objective of this workshop is to offer a clear understanding of how to be a conscious creator. And the goal is to have participants begin to apply these tools, making them deliberate creators of their world, rather than creating by default. This workshop offers understanding of how to be more empowered and accountable for what we, as individuals, create in our world. The workshop is filled with strong, fun teachings that shift life into a much more consistently positive place.

Our leaders and community members can greatly benefit from this training.

What You Will Learn

How our thoughts influence our reality

How to reclaim our personal power

How to find incremental improvements in how we think, believe, feel and experience

“A belief is only a thought you continue to think, and when your beliefs match your desires, then your desires must become your reality.” —Abraham-Hicks

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