The Power of Words

silhouette of woman with quote "If the words you spoke appeared on your skin, would your still be beautiful?"

If my words were written on my skin would I still be beautiful?

I think on this and say to myself, “I could pay more attention to the words I use.” I want to be expressing in ways that nurture life and not ways that break it down. As a Nonviolent Communication trainer I’m more aware than ever of being mindful of the words I say and think. Our minds run ramped like an eighteen-wheeler truck rolling downhill without a driver. The Dalai Lama says, “pay attention to what you are giving attention to.” When the mind says something we can either go with that thought or notice what kind of energy/message it carries and make a choice in that moment to go with it or stop it. It takes a lot of self discipline to pay attention to our communication because our way of thinking has become a habit. The messages and beliefs downloaded into our conscious and subconscious mind are there just waiting for our ego to give them life.

Mindfulness can become our way of life. When we deeply care about ourselves and others, this is our opportunity to mind our choice of words and how we express them. Nonviolent Communication training supports peace and connection with people who live in violent environments and it is making a difference globally. We don’t like the word “violent,” yet when we see how we contribute to harm through the words we use, it is easy to see how we all contribute to violence in our own way. It may be less obvious than some but nonetheless the words we use need to be words that serve—not poison—life.

Love yourself and choose to be more mindful of the words you choose.

Blessings . . .


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