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Train the Trainer | Nonviolent Communication Training

This training combines Leslie’s two decades of facilitation and training with her grassroots community involvement and heartfelt connection with the hundreds of people with whom she has had the privilege of working. As Leslie observes, “Our best teacher is our own story and what we have harvested from the experiences life offers us to grow through.”

While the trainer holds her audience spellbound, she reflects self-confidence and a deep knowledge of the topic. Developing self through a topic that one is passionate about has the possibility of opening up a whole new world. When we are passionate enough to want to give back to humanity in a way that is for the highest good of all, we are well on our way to being a successful trainer, teacher, or facilitator. There are many labels we can give this line of work; the important issue is that the trainer loves what they do and it makes their heart sing.

Entrepreneurship in the world of training is both exciting and challenging. Taking action to launch a training business requires both vision and discipline, but when the trainer is prepared for focused hard work, the result can be successful and rewarding. Proven tools are given in this training that will assist participants in becoming a successful trainer, and in facilitating a process that enhances other’s lives.

The Power behind our personal communication skills is vital to the success of a trainer’s career. Suggestions and basic empowerment skills will be an important part of this training.

What You Will Learn

  • Design and organize a program
  • Keep participants engaged and interested in what you are presenting
  • Present a topic as part of the training practice
  • Receive feedback offered  by the trainer and fellow participants
  • Hone communication skills, through the lens of Nonviolent Communication
  • Hold the space for participants
  • Get started using a step-by-step process
  • Have a comfortable conversation on the money aspect
  • Recognize the vital importance of the trainer’s personal values and how these can be supported with integrity

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Who Will Benefit

  • Anyone interested in becoming a trainer/facilitator
  • Any trainer who is interested in how to enhance what they are already doing
  • Anyone interested in contributing to change and movement
  • Those who are interested in self-employment, or in working as a facilitator/trainer for their current organization
  • Anyone who has to make presentations for their organization


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