Understanding Lateral Violence

painting of bleeding tattoos with theme of violent legacy of Indian Act and residential schools

This workshop will focus on the signs of ‘Lateral Violence.’ We will take a look at what that term means, the techniques used to hold it in place, information used to justify lateral violence, and how it can be shifted or stopped in organizations, the community, and on a personal level. We will explore historical events beginning at colonization that have created or contributed to pain that continues to express itself in tragic and harmful ways.

The goal is to bring a clearer understanding to the term ‘Lateral Violence,’ so participants can have an opportunity to see if they in any way contribute to the harmful ways people treat one another. When understanding is gained, then action can be taken to begin to stop the pain and the cyclic, habitual ways in which individuals harm one another.

Lateral Violence is not always intentional. The important thing is to understand more clearly what is going on and why, so that we can begin to manage our power in more life-serving ways, so that more joyful, loving expression/communication is shared in the work place, our homes and in the general community.

What You Will Learn

  • Explore ways that lateral violence can be stopped
  • Bring harmony to life in our workplaces and within our families
  • Express authentically and respectfully
  • Gain clarity of your needs and values
  • Increase the likelihood that you will be heard and understood
  • Understand key thought patterns that lead to disconnection and dysfunction
  • Support yourself as you support others in your life
  • Develop ability to resolve conflict compassionately

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Who Will Benefit

  • Anyone who has experienced or participated in lateral violence
  • Caregivers and counsellors who would like to support themselves as they provide support for others
  • Parents or teachers desiring to relate harmoniously with children
  • People wanting to work through conflict situations
  • Group leaders wishing to enhance their leadership skills
  • People who would like to facilitate positive social change
  • Anyone, anywhere who values authentic, compassionate connection in life


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