Working Through Loss And Grief

Closeup of person's tear-filled brown eye | Photo by Aliyah Jamous on Unsplash
Exploring loss and the journey of grieving is an act of courage and self love. The pathway to peace and a return of daily joy can be long, but when we are willing to accept support in processing loss, grief can be transformed to a happier place.

This workshop will give individuals an opportunity to work through some of their pain from the losses they have experiences throughout their life.  The goal of this workshop is to create and sustain an environment that is comfortable and safe for all participants to process thoughts and feelings.

What You Will Learn

  • Clearly define grief
  • Explore signs of grief
  • Know whether or not you are in grief or are depressed
  • Understand more clearly what depression is
  • Recognize the characteristics of delayed grief
  • Identify the stages in the resolution of delayed grief
  • Move some of the unresolved energy around their loss and grief
  • See how personal communication with self has everything to do with processing grief and letting go, or keeping one stuck in grief
  • Use exercises that will assist with emotional movement of pain from past loss and grief
  • “Live in the Now” rather than the past or future

Leslie has come to the far North of the Northwest Territories of Canada. She has come at the coldest times of the season at times.

I would like to say that, as a Survivor of the Indian Residential School in my region, I have gained a lot of strength and knowledge from Leslie — likewise for other friends who are survivors and intergenerational survivors.

Over the years, I’ve seen Leslie support Survivors who have made changes to their lives for a positive and healthy lifestyle. Thank you to Leslie who has given us ways to do self-care and be a support to each other.

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Leslie Williamson